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We provide super-quick LTE-A, from SA’s leading open access LTE-A providers, throughout Pretoria and other selected* parts of South Africa. With a router and a SIM card connecting your home or business to the nearest LTE-A base station, you can enjoy speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s. You only need to deal with us, as we remain your Internet service provider and manage all the technical and billing aspects on your behalf.

*Coverage dependent – see the Cell C coverage map

  • LTE Basic
  • SIM ONLY R349 p/m
  • DATA: 50 GB
    Month to Month Out of bundle rate: N/A
  • LTE Advanced
  • SIM ONLY R530 p/m
  • DATA: 100 GB
    Month to Month Out of bundle rate: N/A
  • LTE Ultimate
  • SIM ONLY R850 p/m
  • DATA: 200 GB
    Month to Month Out of bundle rate: N/A

No Bill Shock

Hard Cap with low cost data top-ups available

Contract Period

Month to Month


Huawei B618


Support up to 64 users simultaneously LTE-Advanced Wireless Modem LTE Category 11 Device Supported Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE-A Dual Band Wi‑Fi – 2.4 and 5GHz Real world speeds between 15 Mbit/s and 50 Mbit/s

What to do with your current router?

Top up pricing

At any point in time during, the customer will have access to purchase the following Data Bundles:

Bundle Price incl VAT
1 GB R12.50
2 GB R25.00
3 GB R37.50
5 GB R62.50
10 GB R125.00
20 GB R250.00

Important Notes



  • Should you reach your monthly cap, you will be routed to a user friendly page where you can check usage and top up
  • The Ad Hoc Data bundles are valid for 30 days
  • These package were designed with a hard cap therefore no out of bundle rates apply and this ensures that customer’s do not receive a bill shock resulting in a bad customer experience.
  • Should the monthly inclusive data not be sufficient, ad hoc Data bundles can be purchased
  • To ensure agility these packages will be available on a month to month basis also allowing subscribers to upgrade and downgrade the package from month to month
  • LTE-A is a best effort service where speeds are not guaranteed by the network provider. Technical support is also only available between 8am – 5pm on this product

If you prefer an uncapped option, click here to have a look at our wireless uncapped packages.