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We provide lightning fast fibre internet, from SA’s leading open access fibre providers, to homes and businesses throughout Pretoria and Gauteng. The open access providers lay the fibre optic cables that connect to either your house (Fibre to the Home – FTTH) or to your business premises (Fibre to the Business – FTTB

From R880
10 - 50Mbps
AUP Applies
Blitz Fibre
From R964
10 - 50Mbps
AUP Applies
From R1054
10 - 100Mbps
AUP Applies
From R884
10 - 100Mbps
AUP Applies
From R884
10 - 50Mbps
AUP Applies

Frequently asked Questions

What is uncapped internet?

Uncapped means that your connection will never be cut off and stop working as a result of high data usage.

Download Speed

Download speed refers to the speed up to which data can be pulled from the internet to a user’s computer. For example, the download speed determines how fast you are able to download software, open websites, and the quality at which you can stream.

Why are upload speeds important?

Upload speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred from a user’s computer onto the internet. An example of this is when you post a photo to Instagram, upload a video to YouTube or back-up data for your business to the Cloud.

What is an Acceptable Use Policy?

The Axxess Protocol Manager, which governs the Acceptable Use Policy, is used to provide all uncapped users on our network with the best possible internet experience. During
peak network times, we give priority to real time services (such as browsing, email, commercial streaming such as Netflix, Showmax etc), high bandwidth services such as NNTP,
Peer-to-Peer and Torrents (and similar but not limited to) will receive less priority.

Clients deemed to be continuously uploading/downloading or using the service for unattended automated processes will be managed by the Axxess Protocol Manager, in
accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy. The Axxess Protocol Manager may be used to manage clients by rate limiting (slowing down speed) and limiting or preventing service
using specific protocols or ports. We reserve the right to use the Axxess Protocol Manager to manage the integrity of our network should network capacity not be available at any
time, we assure our clients that we will do this in a responsible manner should the need arise. Any user that is found attempting to bypass or circumvent the Axxess Protocol
Manager will be suspended and could have their service cancelled.

What is a standard installation fee?

Installations start from R1 500, please talk to our sales team for more information.

What is a symmetrical service?

Symmetrical products have the same upload and download speeds. For example – if your download speed is 10Mbps then your upload speed would also be 10Mbps.