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Fibre to the Home (FTTH) – Estates

Does your residential estate or business precinct need fibre, but none is available?

It is a reality that many residential estates in SA are frustrated with the lack of FTTH within the estate, even though the fibre lines run right past the gatehouse. We have a solution for you! Our experienced team of fibre experts can conduct a quick feasibility to determine if we can lay our own fibre within the property and provision high speed fibre internet services to the individual home owners. 

The same scenario exists within business parks. The fibre is on the boundary, but not within the park via FTTB. We have done a number of successful developments of this nature throughout SA with our dedicated Estate Fibre team.

Your estate or business park might not have fibre to the boundary just yet. That should not delay you installing a FTTH / FTTB solution today. We can connect the entire estate, building or precinct via a large capacity, high speed licensed wireless link to the nearest fibre node. When the fibre eventually gets to the boundary, we can swap out the licensed wireless link or leave it in place for redundancy.

These projects require the co-operation of the developer, Home Owners Association (HOA) or Body Corporate. There are a number of financial models available for both existing or planned housing estates, blocks of flats and residential complexes.

We also provision VoIP, security camera and DSTV services. Make contact with us today to get your estate, block of apartments or business park connected.