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Wireless Internet

We provide super-fast and reliable fixed wireless broadband to homes and businesses throughout Pretoria and Gauteng. Our team installs an antenna on your roof which connects wirelessly to our nearest high site. 

From R299
2 - 8Mbps
Best for Light Data Usage
Best for Home usage
Fair Use Policy Applies
From R399
2 - 15Mbps
Best for Moderate Data Usage
Best for Home usage
Fair Use Policy Applies
From R499
2 - 40Mbps
Best for Heavy Data Usage
Best for Home usage
No Fair Use Policy
From R1399
2 - 40Mbps
Consistently Heavy Data Usage
Best for Business
No Fair Use Policy

Frequently asked Questions

What is uncapped internet?

Uncapped means that your connection will never be cut off and stop working as a result of high data usage.

Download Speed

Download speed refers to the speed up to which data can be pulled from the internet to a user’s computer. For example, the download speed determines how fast you are able to download software, open websites, and the quality at which you can stream.

Why are upload speeds important?

Upload speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred from a user’s computer onto the internet. An example of this is when you post a photo to Instagram, upload a video to YouTube or back-up data for your business to the Cloud.

What is a fair use policy?

FUP is designed to make Uncapped Unshaped internet services more affordable to consumers who require only light to moderate data usage but still want the option of not having to buy extra data should
they exceed their normal usage from time to time. Services with a FUP puts less strain on the total available bandwidth of the Service Provider and can therefore be offered at a reduced price.

FUP refers to limitations placed on your normal maximum bandwidth speed after a predefined amount of data usage over a Rolling Period of days as determined by the type of service or your Service
Provider. The connection to the internet is never blocked which means you can continue to use uncapped data. Data usage for a rolling 7-day period is calculated each day for the preceding 7 days and an
algorithm, to enable or disable Throttling, applied. There is NO calendar month limit on data usage under the FUP. Data is not Shaped according to type, i.e. browsing, torrent downloading, streaming

Example of calculation of a 7-day Rolling Period FUP:

After the end of the 7th day of any 7-day rolling period, total data usage for the previous 7 days is calculated and if the total of the previous 7 days usage is more than the FUP Threshold limit of the specific
service selected, the pre-determined Threshold will have been reached, and connection speed of the service will be Throttled (reduced) by the percentage as indicated by that specific service type. Else, if
the total data usage for the previous 7 days is less than the FUP limit of the specific service selected and the FUP Throttling had been applied, the connection speed will be restored to the normal speed of the
specific service selected. This calculation is done daily for the previous 7 consecutive days and Throttling is applied or removed on a daily basis. There are no monthly/daily data limits and the 7-day
calculation is done daily irrespective of the calendar day of the month or year, only for the previous 7 consecutive days. The service bandwidth / speed, when Throttling is active, will not be reduced more
than the respective Threshold level of the service selected, in other words, there will not be additional speed reduction once a service is Throttled and the data usage calculated the following day still exceeds
the FUP Threshold limit.

What is a standard installation fee?
  • R1500 – Hero Standard Installation – excludes router (6 month contract)
  • R3 500 – Hero Standard Installation – includes Router – Tenda F9 (month to month)
  • R499 – Tenda F9 Wifi Router

All prices VAT inclusive.

What is a symmetrical service?

Symmetrical products have the same upload and download speeds. For example – if your download speed is 10Mbps then your upload speed would also be 10Mbps.